Get Smart! Smarter Communities with GIS

Event Details

On February, 22, 2018, the British Columbia Chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA BC) will host a one day seminar entitled:

Get Smart! Smarter Communities with GIS.

Date: February 22, 2018
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Hilton Vancouver Metrotown 6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby

Join us on February 22, 2018 for URISA BC's one day seminar to see how Smart Communities are using GIS technologies to work smarter, not harder!

The latest advances in Geographic Information Systems and related technology devices have enabled organizations from all sectors to enhance quality, performance and interactivity of services, to reduce costs and resource consumption and to increase contact among organizations, government and citizens.

Realtime data, systems integration, predictive and advanced analytics, communication and feedback, 3D, BIM, sensors and IoT data are just a few areas of recent technology advancement. We want to hear from you about how your organization is working smarter!

URISA BC is currently seeking abstract submissions and welcomes you to share your experiences.
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